Industry pioneers in Sustainable, Biological Agriculture and Farm Products for over 30 years 

Dedicated to producing natural, sustainable solutions for healthy soil and crops, Tainio Biologicals, Inc. is the industry leader in the development of superior biological ag products. Our Biological Farm Management System (BFMS) is the foundation for a successful sustainable agricultural program, with natural and organic biological solutions and products to fit any farm’s needs; from organic to conventional, BFMS farms produce higher yields, bigger profits, and healthier food. Tainio Biologicals products can be used on all types of crops and soils to augment microbial activity, which improves soil and plant health, and overall crop production.


Soil Amendments/Inoculants

Blended with humic acids, nutrients, mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial soil microbes, our powerful microbial inoculants / soil amendments help to achieve balanced soil biology and optimum plant growth by reestablishing key beneficial microbial populations into the soil food web, which make essential nutrients available to the plants.


Foliar Fertilizers

Tainio's foliar fertilizers are available in a variety of formulas, which deliver noticeable improvements in plant health, such as larger, greener leaves; delicious, "blue ribbon" size fruit; a significantly longer shelf life for fruits and vegetables, and higher yields, which equal higher profits. We offer an organic alternative to our foliar nutrition program, which is approved for use by the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program and the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).



Enzyme biostimulant products initiate and accelerate many of the natural biological processes in soil and on plant foliage. Tainio enzyme products are biostimulant formulas designed for application with any of our microbial soil amendments to accelerate microbial activity to enhance nature’s biological processes, or they can be used as standalone products to stimulate native microbial populations. Two of our enzyme biostimulants are approved for use by the Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Program.


Compost and Stubble Digestion

Tainio's BioDigester™ is a blend of beneficial soil microbes, formulated with an emphasis on cellulose-digesting fungi and bacteria that speed the digestion of field stubble and free up nutrients tied up in the stubble. BioDigester’s natural process increases nutrient availability and improves soil and crop health. BioDigester™ is also effective in the digestion of organic compost materials such as manure, grass clippings, and paper products.



Our bioremediation products are formulated for use in a wide range of environmental situations from the cleanup of organic debris in lakes, ponds, watering troughs and sewage lagoons, to mineral salt build-up in the soil, chemical and petroleum contaminated water and soil, and non-porous surfaces like cement, asphalt, and compacted soil surfaces.


Organic Farming

Tainio Biologicals, Inc. offers a full line of organic products – organic soil inoculants,organic foliar fertilizers, and organic biostimulants – which have been reviewed and approved for organic use by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Organic Program, and/or the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).




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